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Why I cannot see tours in my language?

Dear Traveler, thank you for submitting your question.This can happen due to various reasons: 1. Your language was not added in the app settings. Add the your language in the application settings in izi.TRAVEL app: Menu -> Settings -> Language -> Add language. If you are mainly interested in your tours, go to the app settings, and move your language to the top (Menu -> Settings -> Language -> Edit). After that, go to Menu -> Explore and update the list of tours by pulling it down. In addition to guided tours in English, you will see a list those in your language. If the guide is available in your language, it will be visible in your language. 2. The tour does not exist in your language. izi.TRAVEL is a platform which allows everyone to create and use audio guides. We do not create the guides ourselves and rely on the various authors, who create the guides. The authors decide in which languages their guides are available. If you like the guide, you can leave a comment for the tour, asking the author to make it available in your language. Besides, you always can make your own guided tour in any place you love. Just register (it’s free) and start creating! 

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